Tefnut was the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Moisture.


When Tefnut was worshipped the landscape of Egypt and North Africa were totally different. Ancient Egypt was a land of rich farmland, vast grasslands and savannahs when Tefnut was a popular Goddess.


Over millennia the trees and vegetation of Egypt and North Africa were cut down to provide food, fuel, transport and shelter. The trees and savannahs of Ancient Egypt provided cover, habitat for Man and wildlife and were the catalysts that brought rain to Northern Africa. Once the vegetation that covered North Africa was removed the environmental changes created a situation where rain and moisture disappeared and this led to the eventual desertification of North Africa.


The first step in reversing the desertification of Northern Africa is to bring rain to the desert. By using old and new research plus a little common sense it's possible to bring rain to Tefnuts former domain in North Africa. Once sufficient quantities of rain are created and made to fall onto the deserts of Egypt and North Africa it will be possible to reintroduce grasses, trees, crops and wildlife into what is currently a vast desert.


This website offers articles and possible solutions to help reverse desertification in Tefnuts old domain.


It's time to bring Tefnut back to the Sahara and other deserts around the World.



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